2021 In Review: All The Things I Quit & What’s Next

December 4, 2021

By Kate Moore

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What a difference a year makes.

My word in 2020 was CLARITY. Finally free of my corporate job, I didn’t have a clear vision for what I wanted and tried lots of things. While it was a wildly educational year in many respects, I could still feel a fog around me month after month.

Clarity In Quitting

By December of 2020, I was feeling massively overwhelmed. I thought my business needed to run a certain way and was trying to fit myself into the box of what worked for other people. I was also experiencing some trauma and internal pushback from working with multiple business mentors who were not aligned with my voice or vision. As a result, I put 24/7 focus on working to “fix” my business and many of the habits and lifestyle preferences that made me a valuable coach and educator in wellness had fallen by the wayside. I rounded out 2020 feeling detrained in my fitness, burnt out in my confidence, and weary in spirit.

I’ve always been a believer in not continuing to do something that doesn’t work. I do my best to pivot on a dime as soon as I have a better pathway. So, for 12 months, I focused on doing an internal overhaul. I took a good, long look at what I was doing and why I was so unhappy with my business system, marketing methods, and personal lifestyle.

Here are some conscious choices and shifts I made in the last year.

For myself personally, I…
  • Participated in nightly hypnotherapy sessions
  • Opened my home to THREE more cats (for a total of four)
  • Deepened my understanding of the physical and spiritual body, shattering the deepest held beliefs our culture shares about health
  • Gave myself permission to sleep on a rhythm natural to me
  • Got a gym membership and allowed space in my relationship with running
In my business, I…
  • Quit using Facebook and Instagram for my business
  • Pressed pause indefinitely on working 1-on-1 with clients
  • Released the pressure to blog, post videos, and send emails consistently
  • Learned to create only what products I enjoy in a flow state that feels good to me
  • Unfollowed any business teacher who didn’t jive with me energetically

It’s been a massively expansive time to release and grow. In fact, while I’ve picked up some new habits and activities for my lifestyle, I think this last year has really been more about what I’ve stopped doing. I stopped trying to follow the example of others when it didn’t feel right for me. Stopped slave-driving myself to do anything, especially what I don’t enjoy. And stopped putting myself and my own needs last.

The amount of self-imposed stress, hamster wheeling, and dissatisfaction I felt 12 months ago is mind-blowing to look back on. While it’s amazing that we can become totally different people in as little as 12 (or even 6) months, the truth is that it doesn’t even have to take that long. The hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming I’ve been deeply engaged with has opened me up to how, with the proper techniques, we can truly change in an instant. I’ve certainly noticed the changes within myself snowball with the increase in clarity around who I choose to be and what I’m willing to do to become her. More on that another time.

What’s Not Next

Shutting down the wild grind I had immersed myself in has given me a lot of room to explore and expand on topics that interest me. No more guessing what I should talk about or what other people want to hear.

Truth be told, a lot of stuff I could share about nutrition or fitness is out there if you have a discerning eye and know where to look. It’s been so long in my personal experience that “don’t eat McDonalds” and “sugar makes you fat” were current revelations that I struggle to go back to that place to write and share. It would be easier for me to give you a book list for the committed beginner to receive a crash course in health 101. While I’ve always enjoyed writing, I’ve found that I prefer to stick to topics currently or recently relevant to me such that I have a level of expertise while still being excited to share.

I’m also not writing about topics that will get me banned. Part of why I’ve removed myself from social media is because I’m sick of the censorship. When I left Instagram last December, common hashtags in the natural health community were completely removed from the search. If people can’t find me on the platform, it’s not worth my time to play the game. I’m not here to go to war. If you haven’t figured out by now that there’s a massive scam being run on a global level and shooting yourself up with poison isn’t the answer, I can’t help you. There are lots of other places you can go to arm yourself with the truth about germ theory, pharmaceuticals, and the big scam.

Let me just say this and be done with it: our entire Western medical system is based on a lie, people make a lot of money keeping the mass population sick, and there is far more evil running the world than the average person is willing to fathom.

If you’re reading this, I can only assume that you are here for a reason, feeling congruent with the shifts I’m initiating, and will stick around if it’s in alignment with your intuition. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by!

New Topics

Lately, I’ve been interested a couple exciting new topics that I’ll share more about as I make discoveries.

1. Spiritual Abilities & Amplifying Intuition

First, I’m putting focus on expanding my own spiritual awareness. In particular, I’m playing more with amplifying my intuition, turning up the volume on my innate spiritual abilities, and studying the role our spiritual bodies play in healing. Of the topics listed here, this is my newest deep dive on topics I’m revisiting with a fresh perspective.

2. Intimacy & Communication in Marriage

Second, communication is something that my husband and I put a lot of emphasis on. We’ve studied a lot about how to better understand each other and the dynamics between men and women. After watching Love, Sex, and goop on Netflix, that conversation expanded for us into intimacy. Because we’re extremely compatible in a lot of ways, other conversations in our relationship have taken precedence. But, as it goes in relationships, there’s a lot more for us to learn.

3. Healthy Pet Food

Third, I’m breaking into the pet industry. What I’ve discovered in the last year and a half as a cat owner is that the veterinary industry is perhaps even more corrupt, greedy, and toxic than the human medical industry. It’s high time our babies are fed real, biologically appropriate food. Recently, I’ve branched into a new venture to get good food on the plates of cats and dogs everywhere. In the last couple months, I’ve done over 100 hours of research into cat and dog nutrition and have lots to share. I’ll try to stay off my soapbox when I do, but no promises.

Broadly speaking, energy, spirit, and the mind is where I’m headed next! (Plus, some info for your furry family members.)

Per my usual habit, books are where I begin when I want to learn a new topic. I love reading and find that a Google search just can’t compete with a well-written and researched book. I’ve selected several books in both of these areas that I’ve either finished or started at this point. Once I’ve got a bit of new information to chew on, I like to take it to my husband or a close friend who shares my interest and talk it over to process. I’ll gather my findings and share them here (along with any other tangents) as it feels good to do so.

Word of 2022

My annual theme tends to reveal itself as I get into a flow throughout the year. In 2020, I knew by February that CLARITY was my topic. I didn’t have a word for 2021 until I started looking back on the year while writing this post. I suppose RELEASE is a fitting expression. For now, I imagine that 2022 will hold something along the lines of EXPANSION or FLOW. My intention is certainly to let my intuition lead the way and flow in a state of ease, expansion, and abundance.

If you’re ready, come along for the ride…

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