3 Skin Care Habits to Stop Immediately

January 1, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Do you have a dedicated skin care routine that you follow religiously? Maybe you totally don’t! Either way, there are some skin care habits that you might want to take careful consideration to dodge, if you wanna amp up your daily ritual and get the most bang for your buck.

1. Using Chemicals

Girl. If you are putting chemicals on your skin and in your hair, stop it! Seriously!

Those chemicals are absorbed into your skin and your body. You do not want that! So many of the chemicals in beauty products are advertised to be “scientifically formulated” and “safe”, but I’m here to tell you that it is a load of BS.

There is almost no regulation as far as what is allowed to go into beauty products. The list of banned ingredients is almost a single digit number. Companies are allowed to do their own testing to determine that their products are safe, which leads to so much bias and corner cutting.

2. Blind Brand Dedication

I hear this way too many times. “I’ve always used XYZ brand. Why would I change?”

Well, I would start by saying revisit point #1 above. Chances are your beloved products are loaded with chemicals, additives, and artificial dyes. Just because it’s a well-known brand or expensive doesn’t make it healthy — no matter how many sexy models they put in the ads.

Blind brand dedication can seriously steer you wrong when choosing the best products for you. You should know exactly why your products serve your skin, no matter who’s name is on the bottle.

3. Doing Nothing

This is the other end of the spectrum. While using all the chemical-loaded products are super toxic, skin care is super important! You should be taking care of your skin in some way.

This includes healthy eating, getting good sleep, and using natural, toxin-free products. Having a skin care routine that you enjoy and see results from makes it much easier to keep up with regular care.

Better Skin Care Habits

If you want to build better skin care habits and use products that not only look and feel amazing but also give you wild benefits, there is a better way!

Choose products that are made with 100% natural (like actually natural) products that are skin friendly. Take the time to read the label and shop around until you find something that suits your new standards.

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