3 Tips to Practice Yoga Better

January 5, 2021

By Kate Moore

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3 Tips to Practice Yoga Better

Getting started with a regular yoga practice can be hard. All of the poses, lingo, and Instagram pictures can be super intimidating. Especially if the level of flexibility being flaunted on social media feels impossible to you.

Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your yoga practice at any level. These truths can help you practice yoga better whether you are a brand new beginner or an advanced yogi.

Practice Yoga Better

Stop Comparison

Girl, we’ve all been there. Scrolling through Instagram at all the super flexible yoga poses with beautiful settings. These “perfect” women look like they have their practice together. It can make you feel lightyears behind.

If you feel discouraged or incapable after binging on the ‘Gram…


Stop looking at those pictures. Comparing yourself to them. Just don’t even go there.

You are on your own journey. You don’t know these women. Their stories. How long they’ve been practicing. And how “good” they actually are at the yoga featured in their pictures.

I even heard one of these yoga stars share one time that she hurt herself over-stretching into a “cool” pose just for Instagram when she wasn’t physically ready to do the move. (I should note she shared this in a post talking about this very topic of feeling not good enough and having comparison-itis.)

So there ya go. There’s your permission to just do you. Find what feels good, and don’t worry about what you see on Instagram.

Listen to Your Body

A suitable follow up to not comparing yourself to others… Listen to your body. Your body will talk to you and tell you exactly what it needs. Your job is to listen.

Maybe one day you’re rocking it and the next day you’re struggling to do some of those same exact poses. That’s okay! Ease up on the stretch. Or just find a different pose!

This works both ways. It’s not always about toning it down when you need a little more rest or ease but also kicking it up a notch when you’re feeling good! It might take some practice to tune into that voice, but you can do it.

Find a Teacher

Ahh, young grasshopper! You need a teacher! That doesn’t mean going to a yoga studio in person if that’s not your thing. (It’s actually not my thing, at least not right now!)

But find someone who you can learn from. Youtube yoga videos have been my jam for several years. And guess what? Even though I’ve never met any of the teachers or attended their in-person classes, I still feel that bond. And it’s a super easy way to explore a variety of practices, approaches, and personalities depending on your mood.

Find someone who can encourage you and help you practice yoga better. You don’t have to be at the end of your knowledge to benefit from someone else. There’s always more to learn!

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