5 Peppy Taylor Swift Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist Now

February 16, 2021

By Kate Moore

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5 peppy Taylor Swift songs to add to your workout playlist now

It’s no secret that I am a T-Swift fan. The woman has pipes, and considering our ages and the flow of stories in her music through the years, it feels like we grew up together. We go all the way back to the self-titled days, me and T.

As such, she should not be overlooked when it comes to your workout playlist. She has some slow, moody tunes. But she also has a solid set of high-pep songs that will keep you moving during your workout.

In particular, I love these songs for my runs. There’s no lull in the fast beat, which is super important to me. I always hate getting a good and fast song and then the bridge kills my mojo when the artist creates contrast and slows the whole thing down. Good for music, bad for working out.

Reputation will always and forever remain my favorite album (probably). Until Lover came out, a slew of Reputation songs comprised my workout playlist. In fact when Lover was released, I wrote it off a bit too quick. It didn’t seem like exactly my vibe, which is a risk with Taylor because each album has a different personality and sound. But once I actually made the time to listen to a few songs a few times through, it hooked me. In particular, I upgraded many of the songs onto my workout playlist because they go up and don’t quit. The drum beats are killer and help me push my pace.

So, without any further ado… here are 5 fast-paced, high-tempo, snappy Taylor Swift songs if your workout playlist needs a little pep.

#1. Ready For It (Reputation)

A tribute to my favorite album that always fills my workout playlist, Ready For It keeps the beat, even when the song softens. Plus, it’s edgy and makes you feel BA hitting the pavement.

#2. I Forgot That You Existed (Lover)

This is perhaps the song that sold me on this album. The sass don’t quit, and you won’t either in your workout.

#3. The Man

Also sassy (you see a theme?), this song has a perfect beat for keeping pace and making you want to run a little faster and further to stick it to the man.

#4. Paper Rings

This song is my favorite for keeping beat while running. If I need to push for a tempo run and need something snappy and never-ending to keep me going, I put this song on repeat and go!

#5. Me!

Best for last! This song is currently my all-time favorite for pushing myself in a workout or run. The drum beat will never let you down and the spunky, fun theme of the song is also highly motivating.

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