The Journal

Earth Dweller Daily is an online journal publication designed to educate, encourage, and inspire its readers across a wide range of topics in natural health, beauty, and spirituality.

We’re here to support your journey of mind-body-spirit wellness with content that meets you where you’re at whether you’re new to this space or experienced with a day-to-day natural lifestyle.

As one of the fastest growing natural lifestyle brands and scientifically-based media platforms, we’ll help you dive deeper and create space to develop every facet of your lifestyle for growth and wellbeing.

Here, you’ll indulge your nerdy and woo-woo interests in whatever season of learning you’re in.

Our Editor-In-Chief

Earth Dweller Daily was founded by Kate Moore out of her love for home and health and desire to help others create more beautiful, nature-centric spaces.

Kate is passionate about holistic health, harmonizing with the environment, and living in a natural rhythm with the Moon and Earth. She loves playing in the space where science meets intuition and brings a logical, investigative mind to the esoteric and metaphysical.

After supporting her husband through fully reversing a life-threatening autoimmune disease, her personal desire to live a healthy, nature-filled life inspired her to publish and author a journal of articles and educational content to help others fill their homes and nurture the bodies with the best of what nature has to offer.

Based in sunny Orlando, Florida, Kate lives with her husband Tim and 4 cats: Emma, Ella, Duke, and Mr. Daisy.

Kate is the founder and CEO of LunaTerra Trading Company which publishes Earth Dweller Daily. She’s a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher, and holds a Masters in Physics.

To learn more about Kate, her husband’s autoimmune healing journey, and her programs and resources for natural health and healing, click here.