Archetype Spotlight: The Empty Room & Embracing Nothingness For Creative Vision

March 19, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Creative blocks come to the best of us. Oftentimes, we’re trying too hard to come up with an idea or make something happen when we lose our creative vision. The remedy for this is truly simpler than it might seem. It lies within the exploration of an archetype we’ll call the Empty Room.

The Empty Room Archetype

The Empty Room, also depicted as the Vortex or Abyss, is a universal image for nothingness. It is a space of not knowing, not having, and not doing. Sitting within its walls can bring forth true creative vision or drive a person mad with desire depending on the attachments and patience the Empty Room is approached with.

The attachment to what we “should” do is broken within the Empty Room as true creative vision can’t be forced but shall be revealed despite whatever appearances we desire to keep up. The Empty Room allows full exploration into the limitless expanse of creation from nothing and the reaches of the imagination.

Light & Dark Aspects

There is an irony about the Empty Room and the contrast of nothing full of everything that can make or break the exploration into it. The deep discomfort of the Empty Room can lead to a haunted craving for more. Though the potential of the emptiness is limitless, it can easily be perceived as not enough. When dark, the Empty Room is expressed as addiction and gluttony.

However, with patience the nothingness can be transformed into a creative platform for potential and possibility. There is a spaciousness in the Empty Room when the light expression of it is allowed to propagate.

Nothingness Is Everything

For this archetype, the absence of something is everything. Force is not necessary. In fact, the magic of sparking creative vision is embracing the nothingness found within the Empty Room.

Sometimes, the best way to take the next step is to do nothing. To allow the ideas and inspiration to come to you in their own time. Get really bored, stare at a wall, and quiet your busy mind. Nature abhors a void, so by natural law something must come from the emptiness. You may find that your best and brightest ideas flow from sitting in the absence of doing or thinking or trying.

The Empty Room doesn’t have to be a physical location, but it can be helpful to embrace the physicality of nothingness to reflect the desires of the mind for an Empty Room meditation.

Archetype Application

To explore the Empty Room archetype in your own life, create more white space. Schedule out time for doing nothing and sitting within the Empty Room. When inspiration strikes, follow your intuition.

Perhaps the proper response is to make a note of your ideas and remain within the Empty Room to see what else flows. You might also find that you feel called to immediately take action and bring your new creative vision to life.

This isn’t just about specifically creating something whether that feeds into a business or artsy hobby, but generally allowing new ideas and thoughts to flow into your life. Anyone can leverage the power of nothingness to recharge, channel energy, and breathe new life into your every day.

This article is a continuation of a series on exploring archetypes. To read the series introduction and discover other archetypes in the series, click here.

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