Autoimmune Free: Your Blueprint To Reversing Autoimmunity

February 11, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Autoimmune Free: Your Blueprint To Reversing Autoimmunity

My husband was wasting away at 20-years-old by the time he got a Grave’s disease diagnosis — which at the time seemed like another death sentence, just slower. Once medicated and stable, he made reversing autoimmunity his personal mission: find a cure and heal his thyroid. Something the doctors said was impossible. 10 years later, he’s medication free, healthy, and no longer having his days hijacked by flare-ups.

It didn’t take more medication, a laboratory, or access to “the best” doctors. Together, we discovered what really causes autoimmunity and turned our lifestyle upside down together to get healthy. While it didn’t take rocket science to get to where we are, we did make a lot of mistakes and go through an extensive (and expensive!) learning process.

Now, I’m giving you a sneak peak as to what you’ll find inside my program Autoimmune Free that I designed to be a blueprint to help anyone struggling with autoimmunity (diagnosed or not) to find healing like we did.

Modern Medicine Got It Wrong

Here’s the thing about autoimmunity. Modern medicine got it all wrong. We’ve been told for decades that even though doctors have no clue why it happens, one day your body decides to start attacking itself. It’s probably genetic and there’s nothing you can do about it. Reversing autoimmunity is impossible because it has no cure.

All. Wrong.

Your body is a perfect machine. It’s designed to survive. Attacking itself goes against everything we have programmed into us. There’s an alternative theory that makes much more sense as to why we have a set of conditions generally described as “autoimmunity”. Here’s what happens.

When you are in a state of inflammation, the body sends help to the site of damage to heal it. But in our modern environment, many of us live with chronic inflammation caused by toxicity from our poisoned food, water, air, and technology. The body can’t keep up with the healing process so it is constantly sending help to sites of inflammation that stay inflamed all the time.

In the process of healing the damage, the constant come-and-go of helpful molecules can cause additional damage to the surrounding tissues. It’s like a traffic jam where wrecks happen at the tissue walls. Over time, the damage at the site grows. More help is needed and more damage is caused. It’s a never-ending cycle rooted in toxicity.

How do you break the cycle? Stop the influx of toxicity. Once the root cause of the damage has been halted, the repair process can successfully finish. Medication isn’t the way to do this. In fact, pharmaceuticals are another source of toxins that can inflame the problem long-term.

Instead, it’s time to detox completely. Mind, body, and spirit.

5 Areas To Begin Detoxing

In my program Autoimmune Free, I walk you through the 5 areas we did a full detox on that were critical to my husband’s condition disappearing completely. We used completely natural means for reversing autoimmunity that were extremely effective once we knew the right things to do.

The first is nutrition. Food is the foundation because you are what you eat. That means making sure your food is fuel on the fire of wellness and not disease is first up! We’ll go over one-size-doesn’t-fits-all guidelines for healthy eating and how to choose high quality food.

Next is your home. You’ll be shocked at how many toxins are lurking in your typical household products! Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll swap out those hidden toxins for health-boosting alternatives in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

Third is your sleep. Sleep is where the magic happens. Since high quality sleep is a must for supporting your detox pathways, we’ll get into how to be a better sleeper and all my best tips for catching those Zzz’s.

Fourth is stress. For most people, stress is a prime example of how that mind-body connection plays into our overall health. Mental and physical toxins created by stress can contribute to autoimmunity in a big way, so we’ll make a game plan for stressing less.

And finally relationships. It’s not just about “what” you put on and around your body but also “who”! How you interact with yourself and others on this healing journey will make a big difference to your success. We’ll wrap up with strategies for healthy relationships to keep you going strong.

Is Autoimmune Free For You?

This no-fluff program is jam-packed with everything you need to know to kickstart your autoimmune healing journey the right way for your unique body without chasing your tail on Google or spending hours a day on extra activities that aren’t actually helping.

But if you’re interested, I want to make sure it’s right for you. Autoimmune Free can best benefit 4 types of people:

  1. You just got an autoimmune diagnosis and wonder if there’s anything you can do to fix it.
  2. You are a long-time autoimmune warrior and are sick of living a flare-up interrupted life day in and day out.
  3. You have the symptoms of an autoimmune condition, but don’t have a formal diagnosis. You want to head this thing off now before it gets any worse.
  4. You want to prevent developing an autoimmune condition in the future and are ready to learn how you can avoid it altogether.

Get The Details & Become Autoimmune Free

If you’re interested in getting more details about the program, have questions, or want to sign up because you #needthisnow, you can click here or visit my website and begin your reversing autoimmunity journey.

I’m obsessed with this program and the information inside because it literally saved my husband’s life and improved our daily quality of life beyond words. If you’re in the thick of autoimmunity right now, I get it. And I’m here to help. Check out Autoimmune Free today!

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