Exploring Archetypes To Unlock Your Best Self: Have Better Sex, Love Yourself, & Be More Creative

February 26, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Exploring Archetypes To Unlock Your Best Self: Have Better Sex, Love Yourself, & Be More Creative

The Warrior, The Creator, The Maiden… We see archetypes all around us every day. Mothers and Fathers, Oceans and Forrests, Stones and Gems. These images all illicit imagery and emotion. Perhaps you thought of a person or event, or a quality about yourself.

Over the past several months, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with what the world of archetypes has to offer for personal growth and awareness. In some form or fashion, every archetypal character, place, and object resides within us as an expression of us. Sometimes the healthy manifestation comes out to serve us and other times the shadow reveals itself.

Learning what these archetypes are, how we express them, and how we can leverage them to improve our lives is a really cool pathway for personal development. In my quest to study archetypes and relate to them, I’ve come to understand more of who I am and who I could be with maturity or transformation.

Journey To Archetypes

My primary introduction to archetypes occurred about a year ago when I came across Kim Krans Wild Unknown Archetypes oracle deck. The imagery, stories, and relationships were captivating to me. I pulled a particular card during a plant medicine journey and was amazed at the message my subconscious had delivered to me through this experience and the inner-awareness that archetype was calling me to awaken to.

Since then, I purchased my own deck and use it regularly to tap into the mythical narrative I’m experiencing. It’s inspired me to start a series to share with you the wonders of the archetypal forms and how we can apply them to our every day lives.

Unlocking Your Best Self

Every archetype has dark and light attributes. Learning about how each archetype exists in your daily life, appreciating it for what it is, and shifting from dark to light if your shadow shows up can help you become the best version of yourself in every moment.

For example, one of my favorite archetypal triads is the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. They flow one into the next. As Picasso said, destruction comes before creation. So if I’m feeling creatively stuck, I consider if I must first destroy something to then create. Sometimes it’s neither appropriate to create nor destroy. Then something is sustained, and how do I show up in the parts of my life that are constant and continuous? Do I bring forth the qualities of a healthy Sustainer?

It’s a bold claim to say that studying archetypes can allow you to have better sex, love yourself, and be more creative. But it’s true!

Have Better Sex

To connect with your partner and have better sex, tap into the qualities of the Lover, the Heart, and the Kiss.

The Lover experiences the world through the senses and revels in sexuality, an energy expressed through being fully present in the moment, detached from rules or expectations. In its most healthy form, the Lover is connected, devoted, and in awe. The Heart allows us to awaken to our sacred center, connect to nature, and express our inner wildness. The Kiss is inviting and sensual when expressed in lightness. Its energy is electrifying and magical, where a merging of two separates connect intimately.

Love Yourself

Loving yourself more deeply involves study of the Shadow, the Self, and the Mirror.

When we reject the Shadow inside us because we don’t like what we see, it causes separation and a feeling of being incomplete. The confidence and love that comes from recognizing, having compassion for, and accepting the Shadow is a powerful form of self-love to cultivate. The Self encompasses every facet of our personalities, allowing us to be whole. To practice self-love, we witness the Self with acceptance. Which leads us to the Mirror, where we look to see the Shadow and the Self. The Mirror can distort how we see ourselves, which calls for discretion in choosing love. It projects to us how we believe we are, not just in the physical shimmer but through the people and circumstances around us.

Be More Creative

Unearth wilder creativity by delving into the Destroyer, the Empty Room, and the Eternal Child.

The Destroyer is ironically the seed of creation. Sometimes we must get uncomfortable or end something in order for our creativity to flourish, invoking the power of the Destroyer. The Empty Room consists of nothingness. Rejecting more for the sake of more and allowing the empty space to exist makes space for creativity. Nature abhors a void, and the Empty Room is full of potential for vision and conscious creation. The Eternal Child, when light, exonerates joyfulness, playfulness, and embraces the magic of life. Exploring with the Eternal Child allows us to go beyond the boundaries of what is believed to be possible.

Exploration Into Archetypes

This article kicks off a series of deep dives into archetypes of all kinds. We’ll apply these abstract and mythical concepts to the modern every day. For more archetypal magic, read on…

Archetype Spotlights

The Sustainer & Asking What Sustains You

The Empty Room & Embracing Nothingness For Creative Vision

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