How Reading Tarot Cards Works & Why It’s A Powerful Self-Discovery Tool

January 29, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Understanding How Reading Tarot Cards Works

An esoteric practice with a shady past, tarot card reading is a widely misunderstood practice. Most people don’t understand how reading tarot cards works. Is it about telling the future? Connecting to other worldly spirits? Or all a gag?

The answer is actually none of them. So first let’s talk about what reading tarot cards isn’t.

What Tarot Isn’t

Telling the Future

Tarot cards are not about telling the future. In fact, short of having a prophetic spiritual gift, I don’t believe any esoteric practice can show us the future. The future is a set of probabilities. There are statistical odds that any one event or path or outcome may happen and what it could lead to. But that’s all it is — statistics. We can make educated guesses.

Connecting to Spirits

Reading cards is also not about connecting to other spirits, guides, or demons. While I do believe some people use tarot for these purposes, that’s not what tarot fundamentally is about. You can use many pathways to channel energy or communicate with nonphysical beings because all you need is the flow of energy. It can be as simple as tap once for yes and twice for now, as we’ve seen a million times on ghost hunter shows. So while yes, you could use tarot in that way, it’s not the only way to read cards. I don’t recommend testing or asking questions to anything other than yourself because you never know what you might let it when it comes to energy.

A Fake Practice

Reading tarot cards is also not a fraudulent practice. Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fraudulent practitioners of tarot. This takes some discretion on your part because if someone else is guiding the card reading, you must be aware of whether they know what they’re doing. Be wary of anyone making claims to see your future, being disparaging towards you, or dumping negativity on you from the reading.

How Tarot Works

Let’s explore how reading tarot cards works. Tarot works on the principles of energy flow. In particular, your subconscious uses the cards as an energy conduit to communicate with you. Basically you’re talking to yourself!

Only 0.01% of our brain’s activity such as thoughts and energetic interaction is processed through the conscious mind. That makes our subconscious an extremely powerful part of ourselves to tap into and understand. The subconscious is running the show! In fact, it can process 500,000x faster than the conscious part of our mind.

It might seem as though the cards are shuffled randomly and the one you pull is dumb luck, but that’s the conscious mind thinking. Your intuition which pulls from your subconscious is really what’s making you feel like the deck has been shuffled the number of times that feels right and directing you to pull a certain card. It’s not magic or luck. It’s your mind!

Tarot cards are an easy pathway for energy to flow through the higher, tuned in parts of yourself into your conscious awareness. You can prompt your mind to give you guidance to your burning questions or insight into your current path and allow the cards to transfer the answers.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained by studying tarot. Tarot cards are a tool with a structure connected to astrology and archetypes, so there are many avenues through which you can dive deeper and better understand yourself as you progress through your study. Enjoy the journey inward!

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