How To Stress Less Using Your Morning & Evening Routines

February 3, 2021

By Kate Moore

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How To Stress Less Using Your Morning & Evening Routines

We could all use a little less stress. The real question is how to actually stress less. For a long time, stress had a vice grip on my life — to the point that I would get physically ill or call in sick from work or school to indulge in a quiet mental health day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has used sick days when my brain needed a break. Using the practices I’m going to share here, I was able to significantly reduce my stress levels on a regular basis and feel more at ease throughout my day. Whatever it is that has you stressing out, there is actually a way to leverage your biology and stress less.

Hitting the Reset Button

When I started putting together these practices that would eventually become my super popular Stress Less Challenge (with raving reviews), I was looking for a way to hit the reset button on my anxious feelings on demand. Once I cracked the code to why I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious I could start to get a handle around what needed to change for myself. I was watching my health deteriorate including my hair falling out, rashes on my skin, and dehydration from too many tears.

Missing Intention

How you start and end your day matters. If you roll out of bed and immediate dive into your inbox, you are tuning yourself to that energy for the rest of the day. If you shut the screens off and immediately head for bed expecting any good quality sleep, you’re also setting yourself up for greater stress.

Now, I start and end my days with intention.

It took some discipline at first, but I built two small windows of intentional relaxation time into my day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Especially when I worked 50 hour weeks in corporate, the time I dedicated to these practices had massive ROI. All it took was a few minutes of the right activity to feel more grounded and in control, even in the midst of a busy life.

Daily Routines For Less Stress

All the gurus and “experts” brag about their perfectly crafted and highly involved morning and evening routines that are the secret to their success. I’m not about that. I like to be efficient and effective when it comes to my routines and practices. If I want to help modulate my body into a lower stressed state, it needs to work and not take all dang day.

I found that moving my body, doing some breath work, and meditating was all it took to feel refreshed and recharged in a short period of time. These activities were selected intentionally because they target the nervous system and coax the brain out of crazy.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same process every day, and I like to inject a little variety depending on how I’m feeling. Some mornings I brew a cup of tea and write as my meditation. If I have the jitters and need somewhere for that energy to go, I do a workout. Or maybe it calls for some deep breathing and yoga flow. As with anything else in life, there’s no perfect formula to success. Make it work for you!

14-Day Stress Less Challenge

If stressing less is something you want to practice and you’d like some education and/or accountability with it, I put together a 14-day challenge called the Stress Less Challenge to help! The Stress Less Challenge is designed to educate you about stress in a way that’s meaningful and actionable while walking you through 14 days of morning and evening routines (in 30 minutes or less!) that are biologically designed to reduce stress.

Click here to get the details and sign up for the challenge!

You’ll see the benefits of a clearer mind, more restful sleep, higher productivity, and increased overall health. Plus, you’ll learn many different types of practices to explore what works best for you so that you can personalize your own practices!

Not sure if you should check it out? Here’s was past challenge participants had to say after completing all 14 days:

“I loved the [Challenge Drink] in the morning. I discovered that I preferred it after my coffee and substituted it for the diet soda that I usually had. I haven’t had a diet soda in two weeks!”

“I slept 9 hours last night. I can’t remember the last time that happened.”

“My favorite part of the challenge was easily the movement. I am not a fan of exercise, but these movements were simple and easy and really worked out kinks and tight muscles.”

Click here to explore the details, read more testimonials like these, and sign up for the 14-Day Stress Less Challenge!

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