TUTV #29: The Magic Of Letting Go To Have More: How To Release Your Desires To Actually Manifest Them

October 27, 2022

By Kate Moore

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This could be the missing piece to your manifestation puzzle. Wondering if you can really have whatever you want? Or if your desires are unrealistic or flat out impossible? Or why your manifesting practice isn’t “working”? This is the episode for you.

We’re diving into:

  • the relationship between our desires and their physical manifestations
  • why letting go is such a crucial piece to getting what you want
  • how to leverage your focus in a helpful way for your creations
  • the state of mind that releases desire automatically
  • how to be certain of your outcome
  • strategies to distract an obsessive mind
  • what it looks like to place an order from the cosmic kitchen
  • how to prevent negative emotions from derailing you

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