TUTV #26: The Hidden Toxicity In Clothing That Had Me Deep Cleaning My Closet Immediately

October 6, 2022

By Kate Moore

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The Hidden Toxicity In Your Closet

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What if I told you that many of the fabrics we wear (and sleep in) are contributing to disease and major health issues? Join me on a deep dive into the latest alarming revelation I had about a hidden source of toxicity hanging out in my closet.

Tune in to learn…

  • Which two factors to consider when choosing which fabrics to wear
  • How the sneaky chemicals hiding out in synthetic fabrics affect your health
  • The shocking impact polyester underwear has on sperm count
  • Which fabrics are high frequency & how that affects your frequency
  • How to get major healing benefits from your clothes and bedding
  • The most important places to start upgrading your fabrics

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