Why Affirmations Don’t Work & Actually Have The Opposite Effect

March 26, 2021

By Kate Moore

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Why Affirmations Don't Work & Actually Have The Opposite Effect

We’ve all heard the self-proclaimed gurus preach about affirmations. In a “fake it til you make it” fashion, affirmations are supposed to trick our brains into changing beliefs through repetition. Say something enough times to yourself, and eventually you’ll believe it to be true.

The problem with affirmations is that they don’t actually work. In fact, they have the exact opposite effect as they’re intended to have.

Subconscious Beliefs

Our brain processes 60,000 to 80,000 unconscious thoughts per day. That means we’re not consciously aware of most of our thoughts. The beliefs that our experiences have wired into our subconscious minds are running at full throttle all day, every day with or without our consent. Whatever energetic frequency those beliefs hold is the vibration that we are sending out into the universe.

Brain-Heart Coherence

If the affirmation you use doesn’t line up with your subconscious energetic frequency, your heart will know you are telling a lie. Even if the affirmation is a good thing and your brain wants to believe it, your subconscious will see it as a falsehood because you have a belief buried somewhere that counters the affirmation. As humans, we require brain-heart coherence.

For example, if you have money troubles and are using an affirmation like “I am wealthy.” your subconscious beliefs that have created your money troubles go against an affirmation of wealth. In the same way, an affirmation like “I am healthy.” will challenge your subconscious beliefs that have created problems with your health such as obesity or disease.

By speaking the affirmation, you are actually focusing on the lack or opposite of the affirmation. You wouldn’t feel the need to use it if there wasn’t something you perceive as undesirable in your life. Telling yourself that you are wealthy when you don’t actually believe that you are actually amplifies the belief of not having wealth, attracting more of the same to you. The affirmation has an opposite effect!

The act of lying to yourself also increases the amount of dissonance within you and causes you to vibrate at an energetic frequency that isn’t positive.

Try This Instead

Instead of chanting yourself into the life you desire with quippy sayings, a far more effective approach is to root out the beliefs that are creating what you don’t actually want and blocking you from creating in the opposite, positive direction. Techniques like neurolinguistic programming or hypnotic suggestion are powerful tools for altering neural pathways and changing beliefs on a subconscious level.

Your affirmations will fall by the wayside, and you’ll be free to create whatever life you please!

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